A Brief Introduction To The Human Gyroscope Ride

Sometimes, the amusement park rides that are the most fun aren’t always the biggest or the most eye-catching. While roller coasters, Ferris wheels, and other rides are certainly fun, they can’t compare to the thrills that people experience on the human gyroscope ride.

This ride features a unique design that creates a variety of sensations in the body. Interestingly, it is used by the military and by NASA during training exercises as a way of preparing people for the sensations that they might experience during space missions or extreme flights.

6 persons human gyroscope for sale
human gyroscope for sale

The BESTON ride itself is relatively small – especially when compared to other rides that you can find at a typical carnival. It is made up of three metal rings. The rings are attached to one another, with the largest one on the outside and the smallest one on the inside.

What makes them unique is the way that they are connected together. The outside ring is connected on either side to a set of legs that are designed to provide support. It rotates around in a circle at the connection points.

The next metal ring is attached to the outer ring at points that are located 90° away from where the outer ring is connected to the legs. As a result, the second ring spins in a completely different direction than the outer ring.

Finally, the third ring is then connected to the second ring, with the connection point again located 90° from the area where the second ring is connected to the outer ring. As a result, the inner ring rotates in the same direction as the outer ring but the opposite direction of the second ring.

If this sounds confusing, it is because it is. When you watch one of these rides operate, it is hard to tell which ring is spinning in which direction. Ultimately, however, it provides people riding on the gyroscope with an extremely unique experience.

They typically sit or stand in the center of the smallest ring. Once they are securely in place, the rings begin to spin, sending the passenger around in a sweeping series of circles. As they ride, they are carried upside down, to the side, and all around. The spinning motion itself is extremely smooth. Recommended you read: https://attraktsiony.kz/attraktsion-amerikanskiye-gorki-prodazha/

Smaller gyroscope rides are usually operated manually by a person standing next to them. There are also automated gyroscope rides (Отзыв о Аттракцион-гироскоп) that include electronic controls. The most basic models can even be operated by the person who is riding them. In fact, many people use them as a workout tool since it requires excellent muscular control to get the ride spinning.

This brief introduction to the human gyroscope ride should give you a better idea of how they work. It is difficult to explain in writing. If you are having trouble visualizing how the whole thing is put together, you should consider checking out a video of one of these rides in action. Seeing them move will give you a much better idea of how they are constructed and how they spin.

Have a peek at this web-site: https://attraktsiony.kz/

How to Choose Amusement Equipment for Sale to Amusement Parks?

For many people who invest amusement equipment for sale, how to choose amusement equipment, how to operate amusement equipment has become the most troublesome thing. Choosing a good amusement ride will be more attractive to children. So how do you choose these rides? How to operate after the installation?

The selection of amusement equipment for sale mainly refers to the following aspects:

1. Amusement equipment venue

Choose according to the venue occupied by the amusement equipment. In general, there are some large-scale equipment in the park, medium-sized amusement equipment for large squares, and some electric amusement equipment for small squares. For example, roller coaster and pirate ship ride at amusement parks belongs to the large scale amusement equipment, while, bumper cars is a medium size amusement equipment.

2. the situation of investment funds

According to the input situation of the equipment, the medium and large equipment is generally between 70,000 and 100,000, the medium and small equipment is generally 20,000 to 30,000, and the small electric equipment is about 1000-1500 dollars.

3. competition situation

According to whether there are the same or similar amusement equipment in the surrounding area, if there is great competition, try to choose some new amusement equipment. Such as pirate ship ride for sale, human slingshot ride, breakdance amusement rides or tea cup ride for amusement park.

4. types of amusement equipment

Choose according to the type of amusement equipment, try to match the balance, like mechanical, inflatable, electric, and electronic and so on. If you are interested with amusement equipment investment at Philippines, click this link (www.bestonamusementrides.ph) to find more options.

After choosing the amusement equipment, how to operate? The main thing to note is the following points.

  •  pay attention to hygiene, keep it clean

In general, parents are taking their children to take amusement equipment. If the garbage in the park is everywhere, the equipment will be messy and there will not be too many people playing, so the hygiene is first.

  • safety is in place

The safety protection of amusement equipment must be done well to prevent accidents from affecting its own operations. Equipment must be inspected and maintained regularly.

  • ticket settings and promotions

The price of the ticket should be set according to the local consumption level, and some activities can be held at the same time, such as VIP card members, recharge rewards, etc.

If you want to open an amusement park, follow the above requirements to know how to choose the amusement equipment and how to play the amusement equipment. Be sure to pay attention to the quality of the equipment when playing the first place, after all, children are safe first.

Useful Tips For Choosing Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturers

I’ve dealt with hundreds of different concrete batching plant manufacturers throughout my years of business. I believe that I know how to tell the difference between a trustworthy manufacturer and a manufacturer that cuts corners and cheats their clients. I have learned the hard way about how some manufacturers may provide very low-quality products and service to their clients when it comes to concrete batching plants. Hence, here are some of my useful tips regarding choosing concrete batching plant manufacturers.

concrete batching plant
concrete batching plant

Through Good Recommendation To Find Best Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturers

Throughout all of my years of experience, I have come to the conclusion that the absolute best way to get a reliable concrete batching plant supplier is through a good recommendation. You want to find someone in the industry that you can trust and is able to connect you with manufacturers that are able to provide you with a high-quality service. This should be easy enough if you’re already well involved in the community. I found out that I needed to create more contacts before I would be able to get the right recommendations for manufacturers.

HZS25 concrete batching plant
HZS25 concrete batching plant

Thus, how I was able to ultimately end up with a huge list of trustworthy and reputable concrete batch mix equipment manufacturers was by getting to know other successful people in the concrete industry. I decided to reach out to all of my competitors to see who was receptive. To my surprise, many were very receptive and were keen to learn more about my business. It occurred to me that my competitors were mostly very friendly and were keen to help me out regarding how to set up my business for success.

HZS120 stationary concrete batching plant
HZS120 stationary concrete batching plant

Calling And Emailing

It’s through the connections that I made via cold calling and cold emailing that I ended up with useful recommendations for reliable concrete batching plant manufacturers. As mentioned, I’ve dealt with many of these types of manufacturers and have had my fair share of disappointing experiences. However, when I was finally able to get a recommendation from a successful and well-liked individual in the concrete industry, I was able to get in contact with one of the best manufacturers I’ve ever worked with. This manufacturer not only provided a high-quality plant, they also had impeccable service and were keen to create a real business relationship with me.

HZS90 ready mix concrete plant for sale
HZS90 ready mix concrete plant for sale

Thus, I never knew just how powerful a good recommendation was in the search for a great manufacturer. I had spent years dealing with low-quality mix plant manufacturers that I found using only the internet. It’s no wonder that I had the experiences that I had without proper recommendations. I highly suggest that people that are in the same position as me strive to get great recommendations from respected figures in the community.

Overall, I’m of the belief that it never hurts to reach out to successful people in your line of business. Usually, they are very receptive and keen to help you out, such as with recommendations for high-quality manufacturers of concrete plants. It’s good to get involved with the community within your industry so you can forge new business relationships and utilize these relationships for such things as recommendations.

How Can You Select The Right Concrete Mixer With Pump For Sale

You can get concrete mixers with pumps at a local business near you. However, you may pay too much for what they are selling. It is also possible for you to get a substantial discount by ordering from a company outside of your country. Many of the businesses that work with concrete regularly are currently searching for reliable companies that can provide them with concrete mixers with pumps for less. These suggestions will show you how you can select the right concrete mixer pump for sale that is currently on sale.

concrete mixer pump for sale
concrete mixer pump for sale

The Reasons That Many People Invest In Concrete Mixers With Pumps

There are a few reasons why people may be on the lookout for these concrete mixers with pumps. In general, concrete mixer pump for sale includes portable concrete mixer with pump for sale, mobile concrete pump for sale, small concrete mixer and pump for sale, etc. First of all, they are probably in the concrete or construction industry. These are one of the most important industrial products that you can own. It allows you to mix and pour the concrete for foundations and other projects. If you have one that is not functional, you will need to replace it as quickly as you can so as to keep up with all of your jobs. The other reason that people get them is that they are expanding their company. This will allow them to take on more jobs because they will have the capacity to do so.

portable concrete mixer with pump
portable concrete mixer with pump

Where To Find These Products On Sale

Many of the concrete mixers having pumps will be promoted at a sale price on an occasional basis. Part of the reason is that they are up against other competing companies, and they are trying to generate more sales. Others are trying to move out last year’s products, and to do so, they can sell them much more quickly by discounting the prices on the ones they need to move. These will be placed in classified ads, and also on websites that are featuring commercial products.

mobile concrete pump
mobile concrete pump

How To Know You Have Found The Best One

You will know that you have found the best one for a couple different reasons. First of all, it will be the right size, and have the capacity that you need, for the jobs that you typically do. If your project is not very big, mini type concrete pump is a good choice for you.  Second, it will be priced at a level that is affordable for your company. In some cases, the price may be low enough where you can get more than one. Finally, you need to choose a business that has a reputation for producing only quality products. Once you have found this company, you will likely find the concrete mixer with pump that you need.

mini type concrete pump
mini type concrete pump

Is There A Way To Get These Quickly?

You can get these very quickly by ordering from a domestic source. However, the prices may not be as low as you would prefer. Ordering overseas is another option. There are many companies that produce these for such a low amount that the retail cost from the manufacturer could save you thousands of dollars. However, the shipping time may be quite long, depending upon where you live and where this distribution site will be. If you can find an overseas business with distribution sites for their products close to your area, you can save money and also get the concrete mixer with the pump that you need for your company. If you want to get the concrete mixer with pump with affordable price, here are some information for you, https://aimixgroup.ph/concrete-mixer-with-pump-for-sale/.

Searching for the right concrete mixer with pump, especially one on sale, can be done in a matter of hours. If you take the time, you will be able to save a substantial amount of money by finding the right company. If you are able to, try to work with a business that has a good reputation in, not only your country, but many others. Some of them have testimonials on their website which will attest to how good their products are. If you are fortunate, this same company will be offering their products at sale prices.

A Basic Introduction Of Single Girder Gantry Cranes

If you only need to have a small gantry crane, you should consider getting one with only a single girder (однобалочный козловой кран). Double girder gantry cranes are typically used on those that are lifting a substantial amount of weight. Essentially, it’s a single beam that goes across, from one side to the other, with the pulley and trolley attached beneath. Here is a basic introduction to what single girder gantry cranes are, and how they would be best used based upon their size and configuration.

Single Girder Gantry Cranes sale
Single Girder Gantry Cranes

Overview Of Single Girder Gantry Cranes

Gantry cranes are very unique cranes that are easy to notice. They can be small and portable, or they can be substantially large. They are known for their square like appearance, consisting of a girder that goes across the top, supported by beams that go to the floor. There are some gantry cranes that can be attached to existing buildings, supported on the other side by a triangular support system. Others are mobile, some of which are very large, capable of lifting over 100 tons using the pulley, hoist, and even a trolley system.

Why Would You Use A Single Girder Gantry Crane?

Gantry cranes that only have a single girder are typically used for smaller amounts of weight. It is the support system for the entire apparatus. The stronger that it is, the more weight it can support. It is the hoist on the gantry crane that does all of the lifting. However, if the girder is not rated for the weight that a hoist can lift, it will buckle under the pressure. Therefore, when you choose one, make sure that you are always purchasing one that can lift at least as much as you typically do at your place of business. You can click on this link: https://weihuagantrycranes.kz/kupit-odnobalochnyy-kozlovoy-kran-tsena/ for more information on single beam gantry cranes.

Selling truss gantry cranes 10 ton
Truss gantry cranes 10 ton buy

Should You Consider A Double Girder Gantry Crane?

It is possible that you may need to lift heavier amounts of weight. If that is the case, having one with two girders might be more apropos. However, if you are simply using a portable gantry crane to lift engines out of cars, or small pallets of material, the single girder will be more than enough. There is a balance that must be determined by the manufacturer when creating these gantry cranes as they rate them for certain amounts of weight. The trolley, hoist, pulley, and the girder on the gantry crane must all work together to support a certain amount of weight.

If you have not had the time to evaluate these, you can contact a business that will offer you a vast selection. Overseas companies will have a substantial number of these that are priced affordably. If you haven’t had the time to look at pricing, companies in China tend to have the best deals. Whether you need a smaller portable one, or you would like to install a single girder gantry crane at your place of business, they will likely have exactly what you need. Just be sure to compare prices, and the reputations of the manufacturers, before you decide on one particular gantry crane over another on this link: http//www.weihuagantrycranes.ua.

Common Uses Of 32 Ton Double Girder Gantry Crane

What can we really talk about that you probably do not already know when it comes to choosing the right 32 ton double girder gantry crane (двухбалочный кран козловой 32 т)? Is our belief that you probably know a lot about this particular subject matter. Matter fact, people really finer articles if they don’t have your specific need or understanding when it comes to this form of equipment. You probably are no different than those people, you know a lot of information, you have done your homework, your own Google looking for even more information so that you can make the right decision.

Get 32 ton overhead crane
Give 32 ton double girder overhead crane

Give 32 ton double girder overhead craneDo not want to waste your money, want to make sure that your decision is very much future proof. You need a piece of equipment that will work well for years to come. Having that understanding, you might by more machinery that you need today because you plan on growing very large as a company within the future. There is more information about the 32 ton double girder gantry crane here 🙁https://gantrycrane.kz/dvukhbalochnyy-kran-kozlovoy-32t-kupit/).

Get double girder overhead crane 32 ton
Sell double girder overhead crane 32 ton

What can we really say that you have not heard before? We can only give you confirmation of the things that you already know. First, you already know how you intend this type of equipment. You understand the right you need a heavy duty model. You understand why choosing a heavy duty is the best company. You have bigger questions that you need to have answered choose the right manufacturer of gantry crane (производитель козловых кранов), the right model and the right intermediate company from. All of these things a very important and choosing correctly will have huge implications company. Choosing the right manufacturer has huge implications when reliability, warranty and customer service. Choosing the right model has huge implications it comes having direct benefits that you both need on a utilitarian basis and the things that you simply want because you believe will make your life bit easier. Choosing the right intermediary company by from has huge implications it comes to customer service, price, information and simply having really good experience.

Buying double girder overhead crane 32 ton
Double girder overhead crane 32 ton for sale

Taking the information that you currently have and making a great decision is quite easy. Choose quality choose quality naturally yourself within the right corporate make. What it leads to a very reliable piece of, at least two very powerful piece of equipment, when at least making a future proof decision. Stick to these troops, these very simple things, and you cannot wrong when it comes to making a well informed decision business.

Get double girder overhead crane 32 ton
Why choose double girder overhead crane 32 ton

As you can see, already have a lot more than likely only need confirmation you only need that little piece of extra information so the in port trigger and make the right decision. Hopefully, the information students article will help you make that type of decision that is highly valued and profitable company for many years to come. If you use the process that if talked about, if you take a look at the things that we have discussed, will definitely help you make the right decision when it comes to purchasing 32 ton double girder gantry crane (купить двухбалочный кран козловой 32 т). So please put this information into positive use and make great decision.

How to Choose A New Indoor Playground Equipment

  • The Quality of Indoor Playground Equipment

It is essential to ensure the normal operation of children’s indoor playground equipment. If customers are having problems when riding your child’s indoor playground equipment, this will definitely affect the mood of customers. They will think that your products are not so good, so they will lose some. Old customers, so if you want to attract customers for a long time and keep good relationships with them, you must let customers believe in your playland equipment for sale.

 New Indoor Playground Equipment

  • Shape of Kids Indoor Playground Equipment

For children, the beautiful appearance of colorful lighting and wonderful music of these new indoor playground equipment for sale is the first element to attract customers. In the first time, give customers a good impression to make visitors become your customers, and the shape must have a certain It means that people will bring you good luck because of special meanings, so that he will continue to try and become your stable source of customers.

  • Selection of Indoor Playground Equipment

Paint effect must be fresh, bright, light, glass fiber reinforced plastic products, only automotive special paint can achieve such an effect, if the paint effect is dull, workmanship is very rough, wind and sun less than half a year, certainly faded, because The preliminary work was not done well, and the later results must be very poor. The decoration of the children’s indoor playground equipment from https://bestonplayground.com/kids-indoor-playground-equipment-for-sale/  is all in the FRP part, so this part must be fine, fine and bright.

New Indoor Playground Equipment

  • The Qualification of Kids Indoor Playground Equipment Manufacturers

If a manufacturer does not have production qualifications and does not have the corresponding document procedures, then the child naughty castle you purchased is a product without an “ID card”. This will be a difficult problem for the country’s annual inspection of the child naughty industry.

  • Innovation Design of Beston Indoor Playground Equipment

Because children have a new and old-fashioned psychology and curiosity about new things, children’s indoor playground equipment also need to constantly innovate to keep them attractive to children. You can update the children’s indoor playground equipment regularly, or you can create new gameplays in the original equipment. For example, a series of interactive projection games developed by Shenzhen Hiccup Interactive Technology, subverting the traditional theme through cutting-edge interactive technology and a new multi-person interaction concept. Amusement park for the park. The traditional children’s naughty castle for sale has changed many new ways of playing. For example, the interactive slide slide makes the traditional slide suddenly become “one fish and six eats”, which greatly satisfies the children’s curiosity. Please find more indoor playground equipment from Beston https://bestonplayground.com/.

The Characteristics Of Grain Silos Vs Grain Warehouses

Let’s Talk About The Characteristics Of Grain Silos

First of all, there are different types. It’s time to find out why you might want a steel grain bin or silo for your storage needs. If you are going to get a silo, a steel one is said by many to be best, and here are the benefits you will enjoy in general and because of that decision.

When you are going to store grain(almacenar grano), you can do so in a warehouse, too, and not just in a silo. That means that the silos aren’t your only option. With that said, you’re about to discover as mentioned why you might want to go with that steel silo. First, as you might have imagined, the silo is going to take a lot less ground space than a warehouse. If you already have the warehouse, then you’re going to be able to free that space up for storing other items.

AIMIX Cement Silo With High Qulity
AIMIX Cement Silo With High Qulity

If you are operating on prime real estate, saving that space can mean a lot to your operations. With a steel silo(silo de acero), it is also quite easy to get the right storage conditions in place for that grain. It’s not just about the temperature. It’s also about birds and insects having access to the grain, and of course you don’t want that. You also don’t want that grain getting moldy, and so it is important to consider which type of storage you want to provide for the grain.

Grain silos make storage easy, too, in terms of automation. Transporting the grain and storing it is much more of a simple operation than if you were to use a warehouse. All you need is a SCADA system(Sistema SCADA) in place, and you are good to go. That simplifies not just the loading, but the unloading, too. If you are going to want to make things easier on yourself, then perhaps the grain bin silo is the best way to go.

Grain silos are also easier when it comes to assembly. It was mentioned that they take up less space, but that of course means ground space. You still have the same storage space, but the silos are just tall. Assembly is said to be easier, and assembly costs are lower. As a matter of fact, the overall costs for having a grain silo in place are said to be lower, too.

Grain Silo For Storing Grain
Grain Silo For Storing Grain

A Better Choice Of Reserve Of Grain

After reading this, are you still considering a grain warehouse? If you are, then you might want to take a closer look at what you would get if you decide to buy and assemble a silo. Those silos come with definite advantages, and you want to be sure that you are reaping the benefits. And if you have need of silo, you can click here http://AIMIXgrupo.com.mx

If you get a grain warehouse, you are just simply going to pay more money. It’s also going to take up more space, and the grain you harvest could run into certain pest and weather issues. Some of what you harvest might be brought to the barn, but perhaps the grain should be placed in a silo or bin.

Tips On Finding The Latest Prices On Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

If you’re looking to buy a stationary concrete plant (стационарный бетонный завод), it is obvious that you would want to buy it at the lowest price. Here is how you need to go about finding the latest prices on a stationary concrete batching plant.

стационарный бетонный завод
стационарный бетонный завод цена не дорогая

Before you begin looking at the price, it is important for you to be confident about the features you want included in the stationary concrete batching plant. It’s a big investment and any modifications at a later date are likely to come at a far higher price. So, the first thing you need to do is finalize the specifications and once you have finalized the specifications, you can start looking for a manufacturer that is known to supply high quality concrete batching plants (производитель, который, как известно, предоставляет высококачественные бетонные заводы) that match your specifications.

Finding such manufacturers can be challenging, especially if you’re not aware of the various options available in the market today. Most buyers think that they should stick to only local suppliers as local suppliers are more likely to supply reliable equipment. However, you will be doing yourself a disservice if you do not consider overseas suppliers. One of the most common misconceptions with overseas suppliers is that they do not offer quality construction equipment.

стационарный бетонный завод цена
стационарный бетонный завод цена на продаже

There was a time when quality was a huge concern but over the past few years, overseas manufacturers have understood the importance of delivering high-quality equipment at an affordable price. In other words, you can, these days, get construction equipment matching the quality offered by local suppliers at a far cheaper price from overseas manufacturers (зарубежные производители). It is also important to mention here that not all the overseas manufacturers are known to offer higher quality construction equipment. You still need to do your research and seek out overseas manufacturers who have earned a good reputation by consistently delivering quality equipment to buyers all around the world.

Trade portals that specifically cater to business to business segment can be of great help when used in the right manner. If you search online, you will quickly find several such trade portals where you can find the contact details of different manufacturers supplying all kinds of construction equipment. You should gather contact details of several manufacturers after checking their ratings and reviews on the trade portals. If you want a simple way, you can click  this link : https://batchingplant.ru/stationary-concrete-batching-plant/.

стационарный бетонный узел купить
стационарный бетонный узел купить на продаже

You should get in touch with many different manufacturers all across the globe and ask them to provide an estimate as per the specifications (спецификации для стационарной бетоносмесительной установки) given by you for a stationary concrete batching plant. When you are researching different companies, you should find more about their after sales service and overall customer service along with their quality control processes and materials used for making construction equipment.

It is also recommended to visit the manufacturing facility of the company before placing an order to make sure that they have real processes in place to control the quality of equipment made by them. It will also give you an idea of their customer service. After all, you do not want to buy from a company that believes in only making a sale and does not believe in long-term success of their customers.

Overall, getting estimates from different manufacturers all around the world should allow you to buy a high quality stationary concrete batching plant at the lowest price (купить стационарный бетонный завод высокого качества по самой низкой цене). However, don’t just focus on the price and make sure you buy from a manufacturer known to have excellent customer service and after sales service in addition to affordable prices.

What’s The Best Way To Buy A Human Slingshot Ride?

If you have decided to add a human slingshot ride to your amusement park (аттракцион катапульта для парка аттракционов) or fun fair, you’ll want to figure out where to buy your ride. While there are plenty of ways to purchase a ride like this, there are a few options that are better than others.

thrill rides for sale
A Human Slingshot Ride

Buy From A Vendor That’s Extremely Reliable

The most important thing you need to consider when purchasing a Slingshot Ride (купить аттракцион катапульта)  like this is who you want to buy your ride from. You should take the time to find some of the most reputable vendors out there.

If you don’t have any experience buying from vendors like this, you probably won’t know where to look. You should try to learn a little bit more about the vendors that sell slingshot rides. If you have a lot of information about vendors, you’ll be able to see which vendors are reputable.

Buy A Human Slingshot Ride
Buy A Human Slingshot Ride


Consider Buying Your Ride Online

While you can look at vendors in your area and see what they offer, you’ll find that you have a lot more options if you buy what you need online. Buying online can save you money, and it can also be easier than buying from a local vendor.

Buying a ride online (купить аттракцион онлайн) isn’t the right choice for everyone, but it’s the best choice for a lot of park owners. Take a closer look at some of the most popular online ride (Самые популярные аттракционы) vendors out there. See if any of these vendors carry a human slingshot ride.

A human slingshot ride
A human slingshot ride for amusement park

Take A Look At Your Financing Options

It’s okay if you can’t afford to purchase a new ride (новый аттракцион)like now. There are plenty of ways for you to finance a purchase like this. If you’re smart about your financing options, you’ll be able to make sure you are able to get the ride you want when you need it.

Many vendors that sell these rides offer their own financing options. You shouldn’t have to search all over for financing options. It should be easy for you to get the financing that you need.

Look Into Buying Used Rides

If the brand new rides you’re seeing are a little too expensive for you, you should see if you can buy a used ride instead. While buying used means your options are more limited, it can also save you a lot of money.

There are downsides to buying a ride used, but there are a lot of perks as well. It can’t hurt to look at used rides to see what sort of options are available. Once you know what your choices are, you can decide how you would like to proceed.

Now that you have a clearer idea of what your options are, you can decide how you would like to purchase your new ride. No matter what you wind up doing, you’ll be able to make sure you’re happy with the human slingshot ride . Having lots of information about your options will allow you to make smart decisions that you can be satisfied with. Click here to buy:https://attraktsionykupit.ru/attraktsion-katapulta-kupit-tsena-kitaye/