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Portable overhead crane, also called a mobile bridge crane, is movable and adjustable and made out of two main components, one being the power plant and the other the support structure. A portable type overhead crane is a lifting machine that is easy to operate and is ideal for light weight and small volume operations. For this reason portable overhead cranes are mostly used in factory, warehouse, workshop, or logistic operations to lift, load, and move materials.
About Us
Our Company was founded in 1973 and since then has become a popular supplier of overhead cranes to the industry. With our rich experience and strong innovative technology invested in every component of our perfect lifting machines we have always insisted on the motto of “customer first, quality ahead”. Our bridge cranes are currently operating in over 30 countries all over the world including America, England, Africa, India, and Asturias.

Portable Overhead Crane
Portable Overhead Crane

Our insistence on thoughtful service and advanced technology has earned us a great reputation for supplying high quality equipment and excellent customer service. Our strict adherence to quality and professionalism is built into every piece of equipment we manufacture. We can confidently guarantee that all our overhead cranes are manufactured in accordance to the highest international standards. We produce a wide variety of overhead cranes, many of which can be ordered directly while some can be customized such as motor-driven single-girder bridge cranes.
Special Features of our Portable Overhead Cranes
– Convenient to transport. Due to the advantages of a compact structure, lightweight, and small volume it is ideal for workshop situations as it is easy to move around.
– Easy Installation
The installation process is easy and effortless. All that needs to be done is to set up the support structure according to inspection and place the power unit onto it.
– Fast Lifting Speed – a mobile bridge crane is capable of lifting material to one meter within 4 seconds. The higher the height of the building, the faster a mobile crane can operate.

Overhead Crane for Sale
Overhead Crane for Sale

– Wide Usage Range
With a 220 volt power capacity a portable bridge crane can used for a wide variety of applications and in many types of facilities such as lifting companies, warehouses, factories, workshops, and installation companies.
– Ease of Operation – with minimal training the operation of a portable overhead crane is easy.
– Stable and Reliable – made of high quality materials the equipment is durable, stable, and reliable.
Shop with Confidence
With our comprehensive service we offer the best advice and support that includes:
• Professional design, installation, and maintenance guidance. With more than 200 specialized engineers we offer our customers the best training and support on how to successfully operate a portable overhead crane. Our team of skilled and experienced technicians are always ready to assist with any problems, either by phone, email, or online.
• Guaranteed Satisfaction
• Because the production of our entire line of overhead cranes is based on international standards, we guarantee our products and service. We offer a full consultation before you decide to buy. Our excellent pre- and after-sales service guarantees your satisfaction and the confidence that you have purchased the perfect crane for your requirements.
• High Quality Replacement Parts
We store high quality replacement parts for the convenience of our customers which you can also reserve to ensure availability.
• High Quality All Steel Construction
The rigid structure of our portable bridge cranes are constructed with high quality steel for strength and capability to lift, move and load materials. Know more via http://ellsenoverheadcraneservice.com/