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Three Ways To Find A Wood Charcoal Making Machine

There are some countries in the world that will actually chop down trees for the express purpose of converting that material into charcoal. It is a large business, one that is responsible for devastating thousands of acres of pristine forest. Fortunately, there is a better way to create charcoal. Instead of using living trees, you can use rubber tires, plastic, and even the residue from harvesting crops as a source material. To convert this material into charcoal, you will need a pyrolysis machine, or in some cases, an entire pyrolysis plant to get the job done. To find the best wood charcoal making machine that is currently on the market, there are some strategies you can use to find it and also obtain it for a good price.

Wood Charcoal Making Machine
Wood Charcoal Making Machine

How Can Machines Convert Organic Material Into Charcoal?

Whether you are harvesting rice, coconuts, or other commodities that are grown, there is often residual organic material. The coconut shells, rice husks, and even what remains after a bamboo harvest, can be put into these machines and converted into charcoal. To ensure that the final product will burn, and that the process can happen at all, oxygen is removed from the reactor where this material is placed. The air is sucked out, and the heat is increased inside, allowing the organic material to chemically change into different byproducts:

What Are The Byproducts Of This Pyrolysis Process?

The byproducts are going to be a type of diesel fuel called biofuel. It will work just the same. You will also have bio oil which can be used for lubricating metal components, or it can be utilized by people that are looking for certain cosmetic products. Finally, there is the charcoal aspect of this business which is quite lucrative. As mentioned before, there are people that will work so hard to chop down trees just to make charcoal that they can sell. Instead, by accessing landfills that might be nearby, they can make charcoal from biomass, and any other organic waste by using these machines regularly.

charcoal production equipment
Charcoal production equipment

How These Machines Can Literally Change The Landscape Of Communities

Using that same example, instead of chopping down the forest to make charcoal, you could actually employ people to operate these pyrolysis machines and plants. By doing so, you are removing the waste products from the ground, and also creating charcoal that people will use and burn. It is a win-win scenario for many communities, which is why some companies in China are expanding into areas like South Africa where the quantity of rubber tires and plastic is out of control. They are able to use these byproducts from the pyrolysis process to also help keep the community warm.

This business model, using a wood charcoal production equipment, could be perfect for your area. You do have access to organic material that you usually burn, you could instead converted into charcoal. Likewise, if you are in charge of collecting solid waste, some of which will be plastic and tires, this could be a side revenue for you. The sky is literally the limit with these pyrolysis machines that can take these waste products and create marketable products that people buy every day.

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Uses of Sugarcane Bagasse- Making Charcoal

Bagasse is a fiber by-product that remains after sugarcane stacks have been crashed to extract their juice. The word bagasse is a Spanish word that means leftovers or rubbish or trash. In many developed countries, sugarcane bagasse is not just left to lie idle. Instead, it is seen as an important source of energy. The good thing about bagasse is that is produces clean charcoal that is not harmful to the environment. The big question is, what are the uses of sugarcane bagasse? In this article, we are going to tell you various uses of sugarcane bagasse specifically in making charcoal.

Uses of sugarcane bagasse- Making charcoal

One of the main uses is to produce charcoal by the sugarcane bagasse charcoal making equipment. Modern technology has now made it possible for sugarcane bagasse to be converted to charcoal, which is an important source of energy. However the big question is how is sugarcane bagasse converted to charcoal? Below is a step by step process on how the process is conducted.

Sugarcane Bgasse Charcoal Machine
Sugarcane Bgasse Charcoal Machine

1. Sugarcane bagasse collection

To make charcoal from sugarcane bagasse, the first thing that needs to be done is collecting the bagasse and putting them in one central location. After sugarcane has been crushed the leftovers (bagasse) are stored in one central location where they are left to dry. To produce sufficient amount of sugarcane charcoal , you must ensure that you have sufficient amount of bagasse.

2. Drying of the bagasse

Once sufficient amount of sugarcane bagasse has been collection and stored in one central location they are left there to dry. The drying process is done in order to reduce moisture content from 50% to about less than 18% before being carbonized. The time taken to dry the sugarcane bagasse varies depending on the moisture content that you want to achieve. The method used to dry will also determine the amount of time it will take to reduce moisture content to the preferred amount. Drying the bagasse before carbonization is very important because it helps to reduce time and cost of energy needed during carbonization process.

Beston Sugarcane Bagasse Charcoal Making Machine
Beston Sugarcane Bagasse Charcoal Making Machine

3. Carbonization process

Carbonization is the process of converting organic waste (bagasse) to carbon or carbon containing residues through the process known as destructive distillation or pyrolysis. It is the most important step in the process because it is actually the stage where organic substance are converted to charcoal. Appropriate biomass carbonization machine of Beston (Henan) Machinery Co, Ltd. is normally used to convert bagasse to charcoal. After the bagasse has been well carbonized, a briquette machine is used to form charcoal briquettes. Charcoal briquette made from bagasse has the following advantages. First, they are environmental friendly because the carbonization process occurs in a sealed furnace. In addition to that, they have high energy content because they have high carbon content. Lastly they are clean (produce no smoke).

4. Cooling

The final process of converting sugarcane bagasse to charcoal is giving briquettes time to cool before using them. This process is very important process in charcoal making process. The time taken on cooling process usually varies depending on various factors such as the method used to cool the charcoal. If you want to get more info of our products, you can check this link:

Machine That Can Make Charcoal From Sawdust

In this ever advancing world, a machine that can make charcoal from sawdust has landed in the market. Just like any other type of charcoal, sawdust charcoal has gained recognition as one of the best charcoal in this sector. The making process isn’t as hard as it seems to be. There is no preservative added during the whole procedure. This makes it a greater option and the fact that it is not detrimental to nature. Apart from sawdust, the same machine can convert rice hull, peels, biogas and grass to charcoal which is rather impressive. The sawdust charcoal making machine makes it no longer reasonable to resort to felling trees since there are better and safer options.

sawdust charcoal making machine
Beston sawdust charcoal making machine for sale

The making process

The machine that can make charcoal from sawdust is also known as a carbon powder briquette machine. The raw materials, which in this case are sawdust, have to be carbonized before undergoing the process. This takes place in the carbonizing furnace which lasts upto half a day. From there, the carbonized saw dust is transferred to the briquette machine. The outcome is charcoal briquettes of various shapes. The products are then put into use as barbeque charcoal, in industries and in the households for warmth.

Its application

Sawdust charcoal is mostly favored in barbequing because it has no smoke accompanying its combustion. Moreover, it has no chocking smell at all which is rather impressive. A lot of homeowners usually prefer this charcoal during winter because it releases enough heat just when the family needs it most. Manufacturing industries are not left out either. They have a thing for briquette charcoal because of it energy releasing capacity. This is such a good replacement for the diminishing carbonizing wood. The demand for this saw dust charcoal seems to grow day by day which is a good sign.

Make Charcoal From Sawdust
Make Charcoal From Sawdust Making Machine for Sale


Ever since the machine came into force, the quality of carbon has taken a turn for the better. The process of making it is so much easier and isn’t as complicated as many presume. With just a step by step guide, you will slowly get there in becoming a guru at making charcoal briquettes. It doesn’t consume a lot of energy too. It saves on electricity making it more efficient and effective than ever. The sawdust charcoal making machine’s wellbeing is also nice and it cannot easily breakdown. It can last upto 4000 hours before wearing out. Before anything is done to the sawdust, it is first carbonized and then taken through the process of conversion.

Final products and its impact to the environment

The final products of Beston machine are charcoal that is not in any way displeasing. First, it produces no foul smell. No smoke is produced which makes it even better. It is not in any way toxic since no chemicals are added in it during the making process. The products do not pose any danger to the environment. The great advantage about this charcoal is that, it produces much more heat than the normal charcoal which makes it legible for use in both homes and industries.

In conclusion

This machine that makes sawdust from charcoal has proved to be more useful than the former methods. It is easy to use and maintain, uses less energy and makes charcoal that produces enough heat to sustain the users.

The Straw Carbonization Machine Converts the Waste to Energy

There are lots of waste crop stalks in the world, such as the peanut stalks, cornstalk, straws and so on. How to efficiently recycle those waste to energy, and make them harmless to the environment is a task of top priority, and the straw carbonization equipment is a new trend. The plant can convert the biomass waste to carbon, whose carbon content is much higher than the common carbon.

straw carbonization plant
straw carbonization plant

The Wide Application of the Biomass Carbon

We all know that the biomass carbon has a huge market demand, but many of us only know that the carbon can be used as fuel, and they have no idea about the other use of the biomass, here we will list you some.

First, the carbon can be used to heat, and it is also the first choice to food industry, because of the high heating power, long burning time and smokeless combustion.

Second, there are many small holes in the carbon, so it has a great adsorptivity, so it can be used as dehumidizer, which can absorb the moisture in the air, and when the room is dry, it can also release the moisture, in this way, it can control the humidity.

Third, it can improve the soil quality, and create a good environment for the plants, so it can be widely used in agriculture and gardening.

Fourth, thanks to its adsorptivity, it can remove the harmful material in the air, so if you have a newly decorated house, you can use it to keep yourself and your family safe.

Fifth, the biomass carbon can be used as deodorant and help you store the food.

Sixth, the carbon can also be the raw material for making maquillage.

The straw charcoal machine for sale is equipped with the automatic temperature control device, so during the working process, it can monitor the temperature and ensure the safety and quality. The carbonization temperature can reach 800-1000℃, and the electric control cabinet can regulate the temperature, so controlling the temperature can also ensure that the plant ca work in continuous way.

carbonization machine for making charcoal
carbonization machine for making charcoal

The Operational Principle of Carbonization Plant

1. Gasifier equipment can produce fuel gas by heating the raw material

2. The gas fuel can be used by the carbonization stove to heat the raw materials.

3. Dust-removal device will remove the dust in the gas by the recycling water.

4. Gas cleaner will make gas clean, and you can use the gas to heat, which will not pollute the environment.

5. Cooling and discharging conveyor will cool the charcoal when discharging.

From the working principle we can know that the carbonization machine is energy saving, because it can achieve self-sufficient during the working process, in addition, the emission can reach the national standard.

The plant makes fully use of the biomass waste, and create new value, which is beneficial, thus it deserves the promotion and you can search the Internet for more information if you have interest.

Where To Purchase A Sewage Sludge Carbonization Plant

The ability to take natural waste that is produced by humans, or even cattle, and convert that into burnable coal is called the carbonization process. It is a similar process to pyrolysis in which materials are superheated to extreme temperatures, in the absence of oxygen, and their component parts are broken down in the process. This can be used to create oil which can be burned such as bio oil which is so popular. It is also a good idea to do this with sewage sludge, specifically for the creation of coal that can be used every day for factories around the world. If you would like to get into the business of producing coal using sewage sludge, here is how you can purchase a sewage sludge treatment machine to get you started.

Sewage Sludge Carbonization Plant

How Carbonization Can Convert Sewage Into Coal

The process begins with placing the sewage sludge into what is called a batch reactor. It is within the confines of this reactor that oxygen is removed and temperatures are raised dramatically. Once it has reached a certain temperature, the substance will begin to break down into individual components which are divided up into certain areas. One of these byproducts is going to be coal or charcoal which is used to produce heat for factories, and can also be burned for recreational purposes.

Why Is This A Popular Today?

This process of sewage sludge treatment is becoming very popular today simply because people are environmentally focused. We are becoming aware of the fact that global warming is actually the result of the 7 billion people on this planet. The more cars that we drive, and the more factories that we build to produce electricity, continually adds contaminants into the atmosphere. This has created a greenhouse effect, and as a result of doing so over the long-term, it can lead to global warming and a complete disruption of many things including weather patterns. It is a popular way to do your part for the environment, but it’s also an excellent way to create a very profitable business. People are more inclined to purchase charcoal that is created in this matter as it will not contribute to global warming as much as coal that is removed from mines in the earth.

Where Can You Find More Sewage Sludge Carbonization Machine Manufacturers?

You can find these for sale on many websites that sell other types of pyrolysis equipment. This same process can be used to convert tires and medical waste into oil that can be used for common purposes such as fuel for vehicles, and also as a topical oil for preventing stretch marks. Since it is necessary to process sewage sludge, this offers people a different alternative in regard to the removal of this contaminated substance. The high temperatures will eliminate any bacteria, and separate all non-beneficial components that could get into the atmosphere, making this type of coal one of the best that can be burned for virtually any purpose.

After you have located several companies that sell them online, you can compare the different prices that they sell them for. Most of them are stationary plants where you will have a facility in which they are operated. It is recommended that you have a consistent source of sewage sludge to use in your carbonization plant so that you can continually operate your system, allowing you to make money on a regular basis with your carbonization plant that you can purchase at a discount.